Sometimes prounced mouse-ear or (Mauser)

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Hans Moser. Son of Andreas Moser and Kathrina Kunzl.  - Born About 1623 in from Unteroesterrich, Austria.
Died 26 Sep 1696 in Altengreuth, Bavaria, Germany. -  Farmer

married  MARIA  (name unknown) 1652 in Weissenkirchberg, Germany.
Born About 1630 in Altengreuth, Bavaria, Germany

Han John Adam Moser -  Son of Hans Moser and Maria  - Born 14 Sep 1653 in Hetzweiler, Bayern, Germany.
Died 8 Aug 1720 in Grossulrichshausen, Bavaria, Germany.  Farmer

He first married Maria Stroebel, daughter of Hans S. Strobel

He second married Elisabeth A Wollinger  daughter of Tobias Wollinger

George Philip Moser born 1683 Germany died New Hanover Pa.  Arived on Ship Adventure in 1732.
He was a  Shoemaker  - Johann is found in the Lutheran Churchbooks in Bavaria

Paul Moser born abt 1711, Germany died 1780   was in the American Revolution - Several of Paul's sons changed their name to Musser.

He first married Elizabeth Dunckel daughter of Johann Daniel Dunckel and Ursula Von Ernst
married Eva Ebert born abt 1685 Rothernburg Germany died 1762

Second he married Maria Eva Beckholt, 10 Aug 1749 in New Hanover Luthern Church,
Montgomery County, PA.
Died 1810 in Pennsylvania


Catherine Elizabeth Moser born 1766 New Hanover Pa  died 1840
buried Moser Burial Ground York Pa.
married John Peter Raub 1786 in York Pa

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